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Tooth Impaction: Teeth Trapped In The Gums Thumbnail

Tooth Impaction: Teeth Trapped In The Gums

EVERYONE’S TEETH ARE DIFFERENT. Some people’s adult teeth come in early, some come in late. In rare...

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Enamel Hypoplasia Thumbnail

Enamel Hypoplasia

WE ALL WANT a perfect, pearly-white smile. Sometimes all it takes is a good brushing and flossing habit and regular...

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Defeating Bad Breath Thumbnail

Defeating Bad Breath

WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE BEFORE — sitting in the middle of a job interview or a first date and realizing that our breath is...

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Why Are My Teeth So Sensitive? Thumbnail

Why Are My Teeth So Sensitive?

IS A SIMPLE SPOONFUL of ice cream enough to make you cringe because of the pain in your teeth? Do you have to be careful when you...

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Debunking 8 Braces Myths Thumbnail

Debunking 8 Braces Myths

EVEN IF YOU’VE NEVER had braces before, you’ve probably still heard a lot of things about what they’re like. Well, don’t believe everything you...

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A Closer Look At Our Teeth Thumbnail

A Closer Look At Our Teeth

WE USE OUR TEETH all day, every day, for chewing, talking, and flashing big smiles at friends and family, but what are the structures...

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