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Smile For Your Health! Thumbnail

Smile For Your Health!

THERE ARE SO MANY things that can make us smile, from seeing an old friend to watching a good movie to...

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Cleaning Your Retainers Thumbnail

Cleaning Your Retainers

BRACES REMOVAL DAY is the most exciting day of any orthodontic patient’s treatment, but it’s not where the story...

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Swimming And Oral Health Thumbnail

Swimming And Oral Health

THERE’S NOTHING BETTER than a swim in the pool to cool down during the hot summer months. Before we dive in, we should be...

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What To Do About White Spots Thumbnail

What To Do About White Spots

HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED white spots on your own or someone else’s teeth? When we think of stains, we usually think...

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Fighting Back Against Oral Bacteria Thumbnail

Fighting Back Against Oral Bacteria

A BATTLE IS CONSTANTLY raging inside your mouth for the fate of your teeth. The only one who can turn the tide and...

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Avoiding Post-Braces Stains Thumbnail

Avoiding Post-Braces Stains

OUTSIDE OF ANTIQUE FURNITURE and modern art, stains are pretty much always bad news. Worst of all is...

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